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Last updated: 17 May 2012


Points to Ponder: our 'Window of OpportunityStained glass window from Guiseley Methodist Church'

Our lives are full of opportunities.  We are confronted with choices and how often we are tempted to follow the wrong path.   As we look at our window we see it leads us along the path to the Cross, striving upwards, always with the view of the Cross before us as a beacon.

How good it is to have time, time just to be, time to reflect on our Christian journey its joys and its struggles.   Sometimes, like the window, we are in the mist and murk at the bottom, but then in the calm and the light; the easier, more gentle path.   We all need to take time to deepen our knowledge and strengthen our faith.   At times the window mirrors our inmost thoughts, lifeless and almost unseen in the gathering gloom of the twilight, then again, renewed, the sun streams through radiating its glow around and suffusing us with colour and richness.

Im in the suns rays now.  Who?  Me?  What can I do?  My talents are few.   Yes, I can pray and think of others.   I suppose, if I take time to consider, there are things I can do there could be a rota for me to join!  Through this window I know there is a world outside not me out there, oh no!   Such big steps from pew to porch to pavement, but I should be there grasping opportunities to care and share, to talk of Your love and show Your love.   With Your help I will.

Lets look again at the richness of our window: richness of design and creating skills, richness of colour.   Our lives, too, are rich.   How easily our treasure tumbles out to provide our holidays, meals, clothes, gifts.   Why does that same treasure seem loath to leave us when we are challenged to give as part of our Christian commitment?   Mission at home and abroad, maintenance of our lovely building, itself a witness in this community, ministry and life of this circuit and the wider Methodist family; all these rely on us to give responsibly and with joy.

We look again at the Cross: Gods ultimate sacrifice given as a gift to us.

God so loved the world God so loved us that He gave His only Son.

In response we prayerfully offer our time, our talents and our treasure.

Thanks be to God for our Window of Opportunity


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