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Last updated: 17 May 2012

Mission in Britain

Touchstone Centre, Bradford

In Yorkshire, many projects are being funded by the Methodist Church, some in conjunction with other denominations. One of these is the Touchstone Centre in Bradford: a response to a modern city, a church without a congregation based in an end terrace house. Inner city Christians may be thin on the ground, without the luxury of church premises and church family behind them, and the Centre is a support and a resource for these local Christians. It also works as a first point of contact for anyone in the community who needs help of any kind, steering them in the right direction towards appropriate secular agencies. The 'Faith to Faith' project, jointly funded by the Anglicans and Methodists, is based at the Touchstone Centre. This aims to build and maintain relationships between people in this multi-faith area, to find ways to work together for community action and social harmony.

Many other such low key operations exist in Britain's inner cities, funded by Mission in Britain and meeting particular local needs.

Mission in Britain Sunday at Guiseley Methodist Church

19th February 2006

The Service was led by our Minister, Rev. Tony Jeffries, when we focussed on charities and voluntary groups with which our Church members are connected.   In this particular instance we concentrated on activities not necessarily linked with our Church   For some it was mainly financial support and for others, both financial and active involvement.  It was amazing to put together lists of those supported and we found around 75 different organisations. 

Of course, we realise there will be many more which were not mentioned on that morning which people support.  It’s interesting to see how we are involved in many areas of community life.  Although these are generally secular organisations, we try to show our Christian faith in both practical and prayerful involvement.   This involvement, though not under Methodism’s official umbrella of ‘Mission in Britain’, certainly shows we have a real commitment and mission to help and to work for others in many ways ~ something to acknowledge and celebrate!

Financial Support:

Macmillan Nurses

Marie Curie

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation

Leukaemia Research

Share Jesus International


Take Heart

Institute of Cancer Research


World Wildlife Fund


Cancer Research Campaign

Caring for Life

Leprosy Mission


Save the Children

Barnabas Trust

Action on Pre-eclampsia

Faith in Leeds

Diabetes Research

Simon Community

Red Cross



Salvation Army


British Limbless Association

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Breakthrough for Breast Cancer


Star and Garter Home

Mercy Ships











Active Involvement


Night Stop

W.R.V.S. Hospital Shop

Guiseley in Bloom

Guiseley Cemetery

Guiseley Youth Project

Aireborough Summer Activities Scheme

Oxford Place Children’s Centre

Theatre Groups, Choirs & Flower Festivals
           raising funds for Charities

West Yorkshire Playhouse volunteer

Saltaire NADFAS

Maternity Worldwide

Arthritis Care

Arthritis Research Campaign

St. George’s Crypt

Meals on Wheels

Lunches at Clark Foley Centre

Riding for the disabled

School Governor

English as a Foreign Language


Christian Aid

Aireborough Vol. services for Elderly with Disabilities

Neighbourhood Watch

Playing piano for children’s and elderly groups

Aireborough Flower Fund

Help in Charity Shops

Amnesty International

Leeds Mental Health Voluntary Services

Child Sponsorship Overseas

Bingo at Residential Homes

Royal British Legion

Caring in the home

Soroptimist International


Inner Wheel

Volunteer Hospital Chaplain


Transport & support for hospital out-patient appointments

British Heart Foundation

Scouting & Guiding

Training others

Snapshot on Coffee Stop
Our first snapshot focuses on Coffee Stop and was to be given by Anne Jacques. I understand that one of the fears that stewards have is that that the preacher won’t turn up and they will have to give us one of Mr Wesley’s sermons! So Pam was a little worried when I asked her to stand in this evening. However I reassured her that Anne had prepared her piece, but had a very bad cough that occasionally renders her speechless! We’re delighted that Anne is here and even more delighted that Pam agreed to be the sub.

 Coffee Stop takes place weekly on Thursday mornings for two hours. Guiseley people come into the foyer of the church for a coffee, a chat and a laught!  Its a very pleasant way of enjoying morning coffee.  We have a rota of helpers to make the coffee, and people from our own church family and the local community call in for coffee.  The profits all go to charity - a total of nearly £5000 over the years.  That's it basically!

Except that it isn't what Coffee Stop is really about at all.  Let me explain:

Do you remember when you've been somewhere on your own, where you didn't know anyone else? Were you nervous even though you really wanted to go?

If I have to go anywhere on my own, where I don't know anyone at all, I'm terrified!
And I'm not the only one I'm sure!  I think:  'What will I say?  Will anyone talk to me?  Will they all ignore me?  What if they all know each other and I don't?'  If someone does talk to me it makes all the difference.  I think:  'thank goodness, someone made an effort to include me.'

And that's the real reason behind coffee stop.

Our church doors are open every week at the same time. People in Guiseley know they can come in for a cup of coffee. People who might be new to the area, often older people. They might be feeling lonely, tired, sad, upset and want someone to listen. They might be feeling happy and want someone to share their happiness with.

Besides making the coffee the main job for our band of volunteers is to be on the look out for
new faces, to make sure they come out of the kitchen to have a chat (without appearing to be nosey). To watch out for them about town and to say hello again, then if they see them again at Coffee Stop to go and sit and chatter. The main job of the Coffee Stop customers who belong to our church is exactly the same!

To watch out for and welcome new people, because if new folks come to Coffee Stop it's for a reason, they may be happy, they may be sad - we try to make them feel welcome, make them feel comfortable and above all to continue to do so every time they come along.  In fact the Coffee Stop motto could be:

Lord, when was it that we saw you a stranger and welcomed you?

St George's Crypt

Letter of appreciation from St George's Crypt:

"On behalf of all at St George's Crypt I write to thank the congregation of Guiseley Methodist Church for their very kind gifts of produce which you were kind enough to deliver to us yesterday.  Each year we are amazed at the generosity of so many people; would you please pass on our grateful thanks to everyone for thinking of us and for taking the trouble to donate the harvest goods.

Food, especially in tins or packets, is welcome at all times of the year.  This is distributed with care to families or individuals in needs, which could be those seeking help at the Night Centre, residents in our hostels or families needing emergency food parcels through our Family Centre.

Your continuing gifts of bedding and towels are also extremely well received and we are most grateful to you all.

With many thanks again, Judith Judson"

Volunteers are always very welcome at the Crypt but there are 3 particular areas where there is a shortage.

1          Night Centre at the Crypt: which is open 6.00 - 9.00 pm every night and this caters for upwards of 170.  Tea, coffee and other refreshments are served in a social atmosphere.

2          Overnight Centre at the Crypt: open Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings 9.30 pm - 8.30 am.  Ten of the most needy homeless in Leeds are referred by the Night Centre.  They are allowed in from 11.00 pm and usually ready to sleep between 12.30 am and 1.00 am.

3          Soup Run: Tuesday evening 9.00 pm - 12.00 midnight.  This is run by the Simon Community.  Soup, tea and coffee are taken to Leeds City Centre and blankets are also given out.

If you feel able to assist please have a word with Michael Dawson or contact the Minister or Webmaster.


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