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Last updated: 25 May 2020


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'People united on a pilgrimage'

Welcome to Guiseley Methodist Church.  On this website you will discover a range of activities and reflections connected with the church and our faith. 

Guiseley Methodist Church is a group of people from different backgrounds and cultures with differing ideas and perspectives.  We are joined together through our love of God revealed in Jesus Christ and a desire to serve and share Godís love in the world today.  We believe all are welcome. 

If you wish to join us as we continue to explore Godís way and how we live out our lives in the world today you are very welcome. All are welcome to share in worship.  Likewise if you wish to find out more or simply want to ask a question you are very welcome.  Come along or you can use the contact page to get in touch.

Message from Revd Roger Smith - 24th May 2020

What do you do on Sunday mornings?  For many of us in the past two months, our answer to that question has changed.  Churches are closed (and so are sports pitches).  So what do you do?

I suppose there must be some people who find something new to do every Sunday but I suspect most of us are settling into new patterns.  This might include joining services on radio, TV or (for those who have it) the internet.  Your new pattern could mean more time spent in quiet reflection, reading, walking and engaging with the natural world.  Many thanks to Geoff North for this photo of some new residents in Nunroyd Park:

I hope youíre experiencing something good on Sundays.  Donít waste energy feeling guilty about anything youíre not doing!  If youíve found something good, let God speak to you through it.

Last Thursday was Ascension Day which can be a tricky day to properly engage with.  After the resurrection thereís a time when Jesusí visible presence on earth has to come to an end.  I have to admit that I donít find the picture of Jesus of disappearing up into the clouds at all helpful.  There are even stained glass windows with Jesusí feet right at the top!

But Ascension Day has a powerful message for us, perhaps especially this year.  In Lukeís version of the story at the beginning of Acts, two men dressed in white ask the disciples, ĎMen of Galilee, why do you stand here looking into the sky?í  The disciples must change their focus.  They might have started to think that Jesusí resurrection meant things going back to how they were.  But no, it means something new is happening!

As the restrictions weíre living with gradually lift, everything wonít go back to how it was.  Thereís no need to be anxious about this.  God has provided good things for us in the past, is doing so now and will continue to do so in the future, whatever shape that might take.

In all this, keep on supporting one another.



Gospel reading

24 May

John 17: 1-11

31 May

Acts 2: 1-21

7th June Matthew 28: 16-20
14th June Matthew 9: 35- 10:8
21st June Matthew 10: 24-39
28th June Matthew 10: 40-42

This week's worship video is from Revd Tim Perkins and is based on John 17: 1-11:

 In these difficult times, if you need some help or would like a chat, please contact any one of us:

Rev Roger Smith  01943 874735

Deacon Jenny Parnell  0113 250 9805

Mrs Rosemary Williams (Pastoral Secretary)  01943 871048








CHURCH RESPONSE TO CORONAVIRUS (as at Monday 23rd March 2020,  4.00pm)


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Please remember to continue to support the food banks - they are especially in need of goods for distribution during this difficult time

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From Mrs Catherine Mouncey:

I'm sorry I haven't been able to empty the majority of the boxes yet, but will do so when I have been 'let out'. 

Those of you who usually give donations and still wish to contribute can send your cheques direct to Revd Keith Reed, made payable to Guiseley Methodist Church.  Please also phone me so that I can record the amount and whether you Gift Aid.

As things are changing in lots of ways, perhaps box collectors could give some thought to changing to donation giving in future.   It would make things easier for Keith & myself. We certainly need to keep the money flowing for the work of the World Mission Fund.

Many thanks



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